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Seniors!!!! On a Special Note to You from your Teacher at Booker Nation

“Not only can you not plan the impact you’re going to have, you often won’t recognize it when

you’re having it.” Said by Dick Costolo

Shared by our wonderful Linda Swenson, Media Specialist


Nils Jux, Manny Blackshear, Sanavier Myrick, Jesus Erisuris, Darius Hayes, Gabe Echevarria, Gage

Fournier, and Jorge De La Cruz, it has been such a rewarding experience to watch all of you grow and mature this year. You all have inspired me, and I am proud of you. It is with great anticipation that I look to your future successes! Best of luck.

Mr. Ryan Kelley, social studies


I want to congratulate CARLOS AGUILERA on all he has accomplished both in and out of school over the past four years!  Way to go Carlos!  Continue to work hard CARLOS, and good luck in all you do!    

Ms. Zesinger, Speech Pathologist


Larry Sanchez, a son I would be proud to have. Hard working gentle soul with a bright future.

Setierah Preston, you walked in as a slacker and you have grown into a dedicated, confident young woman ready to tackle the world. Good Luck.

Chelsey Silva Thank you for allowing me to get to know you. I absolutely loved having you in class, your wit articulate arguments and your desire to learn made my job super easy I look forward to watching you do great things.

Kearin Alvarado, you found yourself and I admire and respect your courage. Look out world cause this kid is coming for ya. Good Luck.

Luke Arne, let the music begin and carry you far. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and to teach you. Good Luck my friend.

Shelby Weeks Hey, Girl, the world await you, It has been a pleasure getting to know you and to work with you as you moved from classroom to call center. Proud of ya.

Bri Barnes suck it up buttercup, I will always remember the laughs and the hard work. Go get em Tiger!

Skyler Miller Greatness approaches, fame will be yours but I will always cherish the time in History we have shared. Good Luck!

To the Seniors I have had in my classes, I enjoyed your time with me. Good Luck and continue to work hard!!! Remember to arrive early and leave late.

Gail Foreman, AICE Psychology and US History


To the Class of 2016:  Congratulations on all of your achievements up until now, and best of luck towards your future achievements.  Remember, what you achieve is not a question of “can”, it is a question of “WILL”.  Godspeed.  Sincerely, Stephen Crane To the graduating athletes of the cross country and track and field teams:  You guys were special.  Thanks for Tallahassee, for IMG, and all the memories.  Coach Crane

Steve Crane, Coach and Technology


A special shout-out to our Law Academy seniors: Ryan Bausback, Micah Davis, Hunter Johnson, Cheyenne Lauterberg, and Setierah Preston! Great job in being the first five students to graduate from the Booker High School Law Academy! Here is to all of your hard work and dedication to the program! Thank you and Good Luck!  

Chad Tvenstrup, Law Academy and social studies


Congratulations Class of 2016! 

Many of you were students in my class during my first year at Booker.  You made me feel welcome and have continued to be kind and friendly in the hallways.   Best wishes for a great future!  

Nancy Crane, math teacher


Key Club would like to congratulate their senior members on a job well done: Madisyn Alberry, Alex Boehm, Jovana Cristiani, Raven Peters, Sarina Swalm, Zachery Maxwell, Dana Buckhoy, Elaine Chang, and Kaylee Walters. Congrats class of 2016!

Congratulations Sarina ‘Swalm’– -It’s been a pleasure to see you grow through Key Club over the years. I’m so proud of you! Love, Mrs. Harris

Congrats to Mrs. Harris’s senior dual enrollment family: Kaylee Walters, Madisyn Alberry, Nadia McCall, and Reagan Austin. Best of luck in the coming years!

Ashley Harris, Key Club Sponsor and English teacher


Congratulations to VPA Seniors for a remarkable high school career of performance and incredible artistic expression. Among your class are students who will go on to pursue careers in the arts and students who will use the skills learned in honing your art – creative problem solving, innovative thinking, productive teamwork – to pursue myriad careers. Although your paths may differ, the valuable contributions you’ll make to society will no doubt help make our world a better place. We thank you for committing to the VPA program and making it a better program, and wish you all the best in your sparkling futures.

Rebecca King, VPA Coordinator and the VPA Staff


Destiny Mitsch:  You are the worst!!  And by worst I mean best!!  Congratulations on a terrific achievement.  Just remember, you owe me a cupcake!  With much affection, Mr.  S.

Alden Burnell:  I can honestly say this was the “puniest” year I’ve ever had teaching.  Your terrible jokes were both funny and cringe-worthy at the same time.  I hope you never lose that awful sense of humor. 

Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment.  Fondly, Mr.  S.

A’Shanti Miller:  You were a princess in my math and world history classes, but now you are definitely “the queen.”  Congratulations on what will be a small leap (get it???) in the journey of your life.  With as much fondness as possible, Mr. S. 

Kaytee Sepper:  I’m so very proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished, especially when things looked their darkest.  Your hard work has paid off in the best way possible – walking across the stage on June 4.  Congratulations, and nothing but good things for you in the years ahead.  With great affection, Mr. S.

Class of 2016:  Congratulations on an awesome accomplishment, but one which I am sure will be but a stepping stone in your paths of achievement.  I hope you have enjoyed your time here; I know I have enjoyed it.  Warmly, Mr. Speciner

Mark Speciner, AICE European History and World History

Destiny Mitsch is a very special young lady. It has been a pleasure getting to know her this year; her smile and kindness are ever present and truly appreciated. Watching her learn ballroom dancing has been a joy! Oh the places you will go, the wonderful things that lie ahead, enjoy life to the fullest and never stop learning!

Gabe Echevarria’s smile brightens up my morning every single day. He will be missed here at BHS. Congratulations on your Graduation!
Sincerely, Judy Clarkson

Congratulations Gabe Echeverria! Keep learning, growing, and dreaming!

Love Mrs. Harloff

Kay Harloff, reading teacher

Class of 2016 !

Be thoughtful.
Be determined.
Be courageous.
Be Blessed – Be A Blessing

Mr. Lem Andrews

Scott keys, Theater VPA

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  1. Nancy Bausback on November 18th, 2016 9:25 AM

    Speaking as a grandparent of Ryan Bausback, who entered Booker as a junior upon moving to Florida from Indiana, I appreciate the opportunities he was afforded that allowed him to reach his potential and challenge his capabilities to the point that he graduated number one academically, with an AICE and Law Academy diploma, led the class in at graduation and gave a speech at Robarts Arena. For this, I wish to thank Principal, Dr. Shelley and her faculty. And for his chance to represent Booker High School at the State Cross Country competition in Tallahassee, I want to thank Coach Stephen Crane and Trainer, his wife Nancy.

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